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Culloo - Murielle Cyr

"Cullo" by Murielle Cyr may have been written for young adults but it has a great appeal for adults, too. On the surface it is an adventure story but it covers many other issues and can be seen as a universally valid reflection on men's relationship to (Mother) nature.
The story concerns two children in search of their missing father and the sometimes scary situations that this mission brings for them in the wild. The siblings are afraid to lose their father and be taken away by childhood services since their mother has died.
The children's respectful attitude towards nature is reflected in the protective figure of a mythical bird called Cullo who the children believe is looking after them.
The book is a refreshing take on new age themes combined with the more traditional subjects for young adult fiction such as adventure and family issues.
The children themselves are lovely characters, charmingly written and instantly likeable. This is a promising first novel that I wish had been around when I was that age