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One of the loveliest stories I have ever read

TURTLE WISH - Murielle Cyr

"Turtle Wish" by Murielle Cyr is a magic children's picture book about a little turtle and its early life.After hatching it makes its way into the water and tries to find its family and home.

I love this beautiful story and I adored reading a children's book that deals with something so simple and precious as a turtle instead of relying on gadgets and superpowers to entertain.
I felt overwhelmed for the little Turtle and its desperate search.
In times when all of us are so removed from nature and entire species are being extinct it is refreshing and warming to come across such a marvellous book.
What is more: the pictures are incredibly endearing, well in sync with the writing which is addressed to children in a very accessible and understandable tone.
I really love this book and if my nieces spoke English I would send it to them.
Thank you Murielle for working on awareness as well as entertainment. The book is lovingly dedicated to children without family and to people with a big enough heart to stop their cars and help a turtle across the road.