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The Devil's Liege - Danielle DeVor

Formerly homeless fifteen-year-old Mathias Drvar has come a long way. After the death of his enemy, Queen Lilith, the recently turned Vampire becomes King Mathias. Coming into his own as young adult and vampire Mathias is an interesting character, whose play with the rules and the new world is vastly entertaining and thoughtfully written.
Excellently pitched this horror for youngsters contains great comedy and suspenseful action. The modern eyes of Mathias throw in a great new perspective on the world of castles, kings and queens, vampires, witches and curses.
Things are getting more complicated when Nossy, a.k.a. Nosferatu goes missing. He is one of my favourite characters in the series, although DeVor has packed it full with great personalities and also with a splendid and at times surprising storyline.
There is some mild swearing and some casual mentioning of blood etc but nothing that I think youngsters would be shocked to read, since the tone of the book is mainly light hearted.
Hugely entertaining, enjoyable and another must read for fans of Vampires and paranormal YA literature.
Very well done.