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Sorrow's Edge - Danielle DeVor

“Sorrow’s Edge” by Danielle DeVor is the long awaited sequel to her horror novel Sorrow’s Point.
Former priest Jimmy Holiday works as exorcist, special by a mark that distinguishes him from others. One of his latest jobs involved the daughter of a friend of his. Lucy is now without a body and can be seen by some but not by others.
A mysterious package arrives with a flask in it, a mysterious nightly (prank?) call may be connected to it – and already, within a few pages, the suspense and sense of foreboding has set in nicely (or not so nicely).
A trip takes Jimmy and his fiancé Tabby to Arizona where the plot of the story involves a contract with a demon and of course, more exorcism.
DeVor has created excellent characters to her horror story, Jimmy being my favourite as the long suffering yet patient and benign father figure, and Vespa, the man who wants to get out of his deal with the demon.
There is a lot of swearing, and Devor has added some excellent cultural references to Western movies, stars and song titles even, which lighten the horror parts and make for a very entertaining scary ride. The conversations with the demon are particularly well done and make for some thrilling and addictive scenes.
The book deals with the main problem but leaves some issues open, to be dealt with in a further instalment I hope.
This is another must read for fans of exorcism and horror.