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Arielle Immortal Quickening - Lilian Roberts

"Arielle: Immortal Quickening" by Lilian Roberts is yet another great romantic adventure read of the paranormal kind.
Arielle is passionately in love with immortal Sebastian and is part of a group of friends with dufferent minor but important supernatural abilities.
In theis fourth instalment an accident affects one of their best friends, all likely to be the doing of evil Annabel, Arielle's nemesis and a great character who represents an important contrast to the otherwise so benign and lovely cast.
I love Roberts's characters and her passionate writing. This is wonderful and magical teenage drama with a few excellent surprises to bring extra excitement to the story.
I don't often read romance novels but this series has got something catching about it. I highly recommend all of the Arielle books to the fans of this genre.
Very enjoyable.