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Summer Shadows - Killarney Traynor

"Summer Shadows" by Killarney Traynor is a well written mystery story - cozy, but not without its well placed depth.

At heart is a family tragedy that forces single aunt Julia to look after her niece and nephew. Trying to balance her troubled finances and the new responsibility with her grief and sense of loss, Julia has enough on her plate. She is soon settling into a new neighbourhood and finds romance, but she also comes across an old murder mystery which she decides to solve.

The haunted house theme fits in well into the pleasantly odd neighbourhood, there is excellent suspense and the romance part provides beautiful relief for all the heavier issues. This is also a beautiful family story.

This is a very entertaining read that manages incredibly well to walk the line between its serious and lighter elements. I found the characters very likeable and the reading experience overall incredibly satisfying. A truly great read.