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Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands: Through the Wormhole - Lars Bergen, Sharon Delarose

"Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands: Through the Wormhole" by Lars Bergen is a fascinating read. We've all heard stories about the appearace of Alien life on our planet, especially in the stories we hear from ancient cultures. I've put these to the back of my mind as conspiracy stuff that didn't interest me.
Then I came across this book and found that these stories do indeed have a lot in common, even when the stories originated from unconnected people on islands and continents.
Bergen has examined the stories of Aliens in detail and highlighted their similarities in his book. The evidence he has gathered does make a compelling case for his theory.
My rational mind prevents me from getting onboard on all of his conclusions, but if you, like myself, wonder a little about these phenomena and have an open mind, then this is a good place to start reading and making your own mind up.
An intriguing read.