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A Field Beyond Time - Lesley Hayes

“A Field beyond Time” by Lesley Hayes is a deep and complex novel of great literary quality. It is a neatly woven story consisting of two narratives, aided by journal writing, memories, thoughtful and analytical reflection and even dreams.
Very empathetic and full of depth and character development this novel reels you into its core as the characters reveal more and more about their past and themselves.
Daniel is a UK based psychotherapist with a marriage falling apart, burdened by secrets and dishonesty. The writing here is sharp and sensitive, providing great psycho-analytical insights and depth. Mira, a lesbian artist living in the States, is on her own personal journey to uncover secrets and find the truth.
I had no idea how these two separate stories would connect but it almost didn’t matter as I was so hypnotised and spellbound by the intense look at the protagonists and their unique situations.
What will be revealed and brings all strive to ahead is, however, very rewarding and proves this to be a fascinating and intriguing book.
Original, intelligent and well-crafted this is maybe not always an easy read but one to treasure for exactly that reason.