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The Ice Boat, Volume I - Lazlo Ferran

“The Ice Boat: Volume 1: (On the Road from London to Brazil) (Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll - Pulling Down the Pants of Nick Kent and Jack Kerouac)” by Lazlo Ferran is the first part in a series. The story takes us into the life and head of Dave, an analytical musician seeking his happiness, his identity and fulfilment. As you’d expect from the title his life features a lot of sex, drugs and Rock’n Roll.
I found it fascinating to see into Dave’s head and see his perception of what goes on around him. His life is a far cry from my own existence and his perspective was very interesting.
Besides the great characerisation, the book is a thriller with great suspense and moves fast in pace and geographically. There’s a lot of adult content in this one, so be warned. I’m looking forward to the next books in the series to see where the plot will take us. A fascinating and rewarding read.