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Cheating to Survive (Fix It or Get Out, #1) - Christine Ardigo

"Cheating to Survive" by Christine Ardigo is a refreshing and honest look at married life from the perspective of three different women. 
All challenged in their romantic lives they experience the good, the bad and the sexy outside of the norm. 
From the first page I identified with the characters as sweet temptation and frustration lead to extra-marital affairs and cheating. Who hasn't had a sudden crush on a stranger or someone they come in contact with regularly? Most of us know the excitement and the anxiety attached to it, the thrill and the danger. Ardigo writes relate-able characters and creates real life situations with humour and sensitivity that are entertaining, convincing and reflective beyond the call of pure chick lit. Each of the women is different and by following their individual paths through the book we can see different scenarios and outcomes, That makes this this book so enjoyable, its thoughtful diversity and great characterisation.
A refreshing, fun and entertaining read.