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Extinction Edge (The Extinction Cycle Book 2) - Aaron Sikes, Nicholas Sansbury Smith

“Extinction Edge (The Extinction Cycle Book 2)“ by Nicholas Sansbury Smith is a powerful sequel to his gripping first novel in the series, “Extinction Horizon” (which is a hard act to follow).
Dr Kate Lovato has saved the world with her bioweapon but a new threat of Zombie ‘Variants’ takes the place of the virus-infected killers. Evolved and more potent than the originals they are also larger in number than anticipated.

A fierce battle between the Variants and the army ensues in New York and on Plum Island, keeping you at the edge of your seat all the way through and by-passing the second-in-a-trilogy trap of emptiness or repetition. Full of action-packed scenes, thrilling suspense and great heroes, this is another hugely enjoyable and well written science fiction / medical or military thriller that will not disappoint. A must read for fans of the genre.
I’ve read on the author’s website that he has done extensive research on the New York Underground, which shows in his competent writing during those scenes. The medical science comes also across as founded in research, giving the book good credibility.

I’m not often in the mood for science fiction novels but Smith has created characters that are interesting and plots and situations that are gripping and compelling.

Looking forward to the trilogy finale.