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Thirty Girls - Susan Minot

"Thirty Girls" by Susan Minot is a gripping and heart-breaking novel that tackles one of the most despicable men in contemporary human history: Joseph Kony.
Contrasting the life of an Ugandan victim of Kony (amongst many other girls) with that of a Western woman travelling and researching works very well and is the strongest point in the novel. While one deals with the world in freedom after abuse, the other is in an odd relationship and has to deal with her own past, too.
There are dramatic scenes and sadness and many valid points.
I found many points however were made multiple times and would have liked the book to be edited tighter. The style of not using quotation marks and making no distinction between dialogue and narrative did not work well for me.
For the subject matter alone however I do recommend everyone to read this book to learn more about the dark sides of the beautiful continent that is Africa.