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TOUCHING THE WIRE: A doctor and nurse fight to save lives, and find love in a Nazi death-camp. Seventy years later the doctor's granddaughter, intrigued by an enigmatic carving, discovers the secrets - Rebecca Bryn

"Touching the Wire" by Rebecca Bryn is a heavy and at times difficult read. The location is a death camp in Poland 1940 and the author spares us little to show the gruesomeness that is camp life. This is the strength of the first part. Much of the literature about the time glosses over and makes us shed a tear. Bryn is more truthful, yet then manages to weave in a love story between an inmate and a young doctor. Very powerful and impressive with lots to think about and reflect upon.
Then forward to present day England where the granddaughter of the doctor delves into the past. When I saw the second part I thought I knew where this would be going but Bryn does an excellent job at bringing the halves together.
A great read I would definitely recommend.