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Orbs III: Redemption: A Science Fiction Thriller - Nicholas Sansbury Smith

"Orbs III: Redemption: A Science Fiction Thriller" by Nicholas Sansbury Smith takes us back into a post-apocalyptic world that battles with receding Oceans and increasing temperatures. The 'Organics' are growing stronger and human kind is struggling to survive. Mission Redemption will decide if the human species can make it against the Alien threat and survive on the planet.
With solid foundations in science and great military action this science fiction thriller is a worthy equal to the excellent first two books in the series. Highly otiginal and thoughtful in its premise the storyline keeps going strong, not letting up until the very finishing line. I love it when a book can stand on its own within a series and all Orbs books so far have accomplished this.
Great suspense, a bunch of well chosen characters and a damn good story make this book very enjoyable and gripping. A great read.