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Cupcake Cutie: (Plus Size Romance Series) - Lynn Cooper

"Cupcake Cutie: (Plus Size Romance Series) " by Lynn Cooper is a breath of fresh air for many reasons. The obvious being that we deal with a romantic lead in a Plus Size, not another body fascist anorexic 'perfect' heroine. Discriminated against and used to it, even though her plus size is 'legitimate' due to an illness, our heroine Ella doesn't have to explain those reasons to handsome Decker when he rescues her and asks her out. The knight in shining armor (although with some complications) is a true gent whose appeal lies not just in his sexiness but also in the fact that he stands up for her.

Now all that 'politically correct' aspect aside: The story reads smoothly, is very entertaining for the characters and the dialogue and is damn romantic, full stop. Absolutely lovely and enjoyable this should do very well with romance readers in all shapes and sizes. At times the story is sexually explicit but it is definitely a romance, and a very good one. Get it!