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Behind the Bar: Behind the Love Trilogy - P.C. Zick, Anna Behnke, Travis Miles

“Behind the Bar” by P.C. Zick is the second in the “Behind the Bar” Series. After “Behind the Altar” this book brings more romance and complications to life. The day that Dean and Leah are getting married Susie’s sister Lisa returns, initiating thought processes in Susie that rock the foundations of her life.
This book focuses on the relationship between Susie and Reggie, which comes under scrutiny and threat as the past catches up with the two and their insecurities and doubts come into play. Several sub-plots add a very dynamic character to the book that makes for a very smooth and enjoyable reading experience.
While being a thoroughly entertaining romance at heart, the novel shows a writer with much insight into human nature and psychology, which makes the characters so utterly relatable and the story so much more interesting than many others in the genre. An enjoyable and thoughtful romance.