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Escape From the Future: The Clown Caper (Volume 1) - Dean C. Moore

“Escape From the Future: The Clown Caper” by Dean C. Moore is yet another imaginative science fiction fantasy novel by a truly gifted writer. The idea of humans living as a purely digital versions of themselves without the shortcomings of their mortal and fragile bodies has been around for a while but I have never read a book that did it so well.
As our technology advances at such speedy rates in the real world, writers of futuristic science fiction have a tough job coming up with good plots. The thought of the many parallel fantasy worlds available to the digital humans in this book sounded very fascinating to me. I’m sure this would indeed attract a large number of people who’d take up that offer from Mother, the sentient internet. Bringing in evil clowns into the plot is exactly the odd humorous thing that is Moore’s speciality. While we’re confronted with themes that deserve some deeper thought and deliberation we’re always entertained, either by humour or exciting action and suspense.
Who knows how long it will be before brains can be scanned or connected to machines. Artificial intelligence and medical research are far advanced and so the novel had a huge fascination for me on many levels. This being presented in an intellectual yet light-hearted way has made the novel a pleasure to read. Highly recommended.