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The Drowned Phoenician Sailor - Lesley Hayes

“The Drowned Phoenician Sailor” by Lesley Hayes is a remarkable book and a real treat. Character driven and with focus on their development this is just my type of novel. The reader is allowed to get insight into the thoughts and background of the protagonists through the analytical and reflective narrative that provides substance and much food for thought.
A huge fan of novels that use psychology and / or spiritualist themes I was extremely happy to find both of these themes in this novel. We witness a few months in the life of Fynn/ Fiona during which she has contact with the dead, namely her sister and her psychologist, while she also meets a man and learns to loosen up a little. Partaking in her development has been a privilege, thanks to the sensitive and yet entertaining writing skills of the author. For me the most enjoyable parts were the many great discussions between the characters. It’s the sort of book to read with a pen in your hand to underline the many wonderful lines you wish to remember and write down later. Full of insight in human nature and psychology and full of warmth this is a treasure to cherish for me.