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Lady Lilith and Other Stories: An anthology - E.E. Giorgi

“Lady Lilith and Other Stories: An anthology” by E.E. Giorgi is a surprisingly strong and deep selection of four short stories. Knowing the author as science fiction and thriller writer I was amazed at the versatility of talent. The first story, Elm Tree, literally blew me away: A tragic suicide and the uncovering of the unexpected background story. Moving, gripping and very well written.
The two main stories in this anthology work very well at their length. I usually prefer my reading novel size so I can get into the characters and plot more deeply. Giorgi has managed to draw me in and engage me within a short space of time and not make me feel that it ended too soon either.  The rest of the anthology is equally entertaining and shows Giorgi’s solid talent for complex and captivating storytelling.