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Miri's Song - Eleanor Stem

“Miri's Song” by Eleanor Stem is a fascinating book. Told from the perspective of Miri of Magdala it tells the story of her life and that of Jesus/ Joshua. I’m not Bible-read enough to know how much artistic freedom the author took in her deviations from the gospel. Particularly the ending is different from the official bible but it is also not an unheard of version of the story. I would have liked to have an explanation from the author about this although I can also the appeal of publishing the story without such a comment.
All biblical interest aside, reading it for its historical value of a prostitute in Palestine during that time the book provided interesting perspectives. Miri is a character you will easily feel for and her finding a good man to take care of her is a beautiful story.
Giving and authentic feel and well written this is definitely an interesting read I’d recommend.