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Akaela (Mayake Chronicles #1) - E.E. Giorgi

“Akaela (Mayake Chronicles Book 1)” by E.E. Giorgi is the successful and hugely enjoyable excursion of a talented science fiction writer into young adult territory.

Set in the post-apocalyptic world of cyborgs, called the Mayake, the book sets a great scene for this futuristic fantasy adventure. Fifteen year old Akaela and her older brother have an encounter with scrap searching droids that seems at first to set off a war between the two people.

The existence of the Mayake is threatened by several things, not least of all the fight over resources and issues with the technology that is part of their non-human parts. Each individual of the Mayake has chip implants that give them certain non-human abilities, but these rely on battery power.

The siblings’ father is missing, having left on a mission to find more resources for the Mayake, which adds a personal component to the survival of the ‘species’.

The narrative alternates in its perspectives but always has an intimate and compelling feel that draws you right into the story and the desperate situation that the Mayakes find themselves in.

Our young heroes are well written as interesting characters and their conflicts feel realistic and urgent. The suspense in the story is constant, whether immediate or looming through anticipation of events to come. Giorgi has explored the concept of cyborgs very well with a complex and intelligent background story.

As first in the series the book ends with an outlook on things to come in Book 2 and beyond. Although written for young adults, older readers will find the story as compelling and gripping as younger ones. A promising start to the series that makes me look forward to the rest.

I received an ARC of the book in exchange for an unbiased review.