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Angelic Business 1. Pink Matters - Olga  Núñez Miret

“Angelic Business: Pink Matters” by Olga Núñez’ is a very entertaining and light-hearted teenage story about ‘Pink’, an ‘average’ girl who finds herself suddenly the focus of angelic, demonic and human attention.
Her friend Seth, a good looking and arrogant boy, needs to be put into his place after making some insulting remarks. As if by magic, help arrives in the shape of ‘G’, an interesting newcomer to the school who just might be the person to help her make Seth jealous (or at least see that he is not the only man in Pink’s universe).  Only, there is something spooky about G. Now enter Azrael, another mysterious figure and you have a great set of players in this teenage drama.
Yet, there is depth to this humorous story as theological themes, such as God, angels and demons are discussed and pondered about. Although this is kept on a superficial level, the way that the angels, demons and theological ideas are presented gives you something to think about. The tone is playful and tongue-in-cheek and added to my enjoyment.
The characters and the narrative are well crafted and while this might be aimed at young adults, I had a great time reading it and am looking forward to the next parts to see where this is going. Very well done.
I was given an ARC in exchange for a review.