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A Straw Man (The Clay Lion Series Book 3) - Amalie Jahn

“A Straw Man” by Amalie Jahn is another moving young adult story about time travel, love and responsibility. After a whirlwind romance in college Nate Johansen and Melody Johnson hit a rough patch. A fatal tragedy changes their entire circle of friend. The handsome and funny football player Nate becomes an addict and Melody tries to help by travelling back in time.
As with the previous instalments in this series the time trip has unexpected consequences.
Jahn has a wonderfully warm writing style and creates characters that are easy to care for. She handles the serious matters with great sensitivity and makes you feel part of the story and her characters part of your life.
As her characters grow older the story moves into areas such as ethics, politics and philosophy. The Straw Man from the title refers to a nasty political campaign practice but has meaning also for other personal interactions in the book.
Beautiful messages about love and how to live your life are woven into this novel and the ending is a real treat.
I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a review.