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Weapons of Mass Deception - David Bruns, J. R. Olson

"Weapons of Mass Deception" by David Bruns and J.R. Olson is an impressive military thriller. The plot is cleverly constructed with leanings towards speculative fiction and conspiracy, yet it treads carefully in those territories and presents a plausible and believable storyline full of action and suspense.
Told in various segments and alternating viewpoints we witness acts of heroism and terrorism surrounding the weapons of mass destruction that left Iraq in 2003 just before the invading American and British troops could get hold of them.
Written with military expertise and competence the book is well crafted and convincing; the plot moves at a fast pace and never lets the dramatic curve slip up. The great characterisation however was a special treat as the players are real people beyond the stereotypes that can ruin this genre so easily.
Veery enjoyable and some food for thought.