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Eros the Aegean Chronicles - Yelle Hughes

“Eros” by Yelle Hughes is a fantastic and highly creative blend of modern culture and ancient Greek Myth. The beginning takes us back to one of these curses that go wrong and set off a chain reaction that eventually leads to the fulfilment of a prophecy, but in a different way than was anticipated or intended. Nobody does it better than the Greek, or Yelle Hughes on their behalf.
Eros falls for Psyche but through a series of events he loses her for several millennia and a prophecy tells that she should not meet her again until the 21st century. The beginning is powerful and really gets you in the mood for drama and complications. I used to learn Ancient Greek at my school and Hughes and her work always makes me instantly want to open old Greek books again and refresh my knowledge of this fascinating mythology. Very well done and very captivating.

Fast forward to US soil in the 21st century and witness as modern day Eros, now Erok, gets to fall for Sindi. The writing here is steamy and contains some hot explicit sex scenes. The immortal has fallen for a mortal and divine intervention, cursing and intrigue throws more complication into the plot.

This series is such great fun, particularly when the ancient gods come into play and meet modern life. They are of course fully used to the modern world but their attitude and immortal status bring some amazing quality to the story.