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Death In A Red Canvas Chair: A Rhe Brewster Mystery (Book 1) - N.A. Granger

This is a quirky cosy mystery with ER nurse Rhe Brewster at the centre of the investigation. When her son plays soccer and she discovers a body dumped by the side of the game, Rhe alarms the authorities and before you know it, she is deeply involved in solving the case. Rhe is quite a character, the most apt description of herself is: “despite his PhD in Psychology he (her husband) still doesn’t understand me.” I think many would struggle and that is what makes her such a wonderful and watchable protagonist.
Familiar with Sheriff Sam there is little that can stop her.
The victim was a college student and the investigation starts to step on Rhe’s husband’s toes, a professor at the same college.
The plot is quite complex and has some turns and twists, includes prostitution, kidnapping and marital disputes for Rhe as well. Well-paced with great, entertaining characterisation, good suspense and solid writing this is well worth your time.