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The Second Child - Jon Stenhugg

"The Second Child" by Jon Stenhugg is a well written and neatly plotted novel - part thriller, part alternate history. It concerns a murder taking place in Sweden in 1996 and the identity of a child in a picture from Germany during the Nazi period. The story takes our investigative team to archives in Germany and Sweden. Thriller fans will be pleaed as thee book is well paced and has some excellent suspense.
Although set in fairly recent times the book delves deep into the past and serves some interesting historical details, for example forced sterilisation in Sweden in sync with the racial laws of Nazi Germany.
I personally wished the author had added a concise historical note to let us know how much of the backflashes, archive material and story was fact and what was speculation / fiction.
That caveat aside, the book's premise is original and fascinating and should appeal to fans of WW2 fiction and thrillers alike.
I was given a paperback copy of the book for review
Christoph Fischer - Reviewer for the Historical Novel Society