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Arielle Immortal Seduction - Lilian Roberts

"Arielle Immortal Seduction (Immortal Rapture Series)" by Lilian Roberts is another wonderful romance novel about the love between young Arielle and Immortal Sebastian.
While Sebastian is in New Zealand Arielle continues going to school in Brighton and misses him terribly. She has good friends, male and female, but she aches for his return.

This second book in the series is all about seduction - as the title says: Unwanted seducation, unreciprocated feelings and longed for seduction. There are many men who desire Arielle and she has her hands full keeping them at bay, saving herself for Sebastian. The book is full of passionate love, affection,friendship and rivalry and is a great example of a well written teenage love story.

Sebastian is 500 years old but there are many more paranormal/ supernatural elements in this beautifully told story. The youthful characters are great role models who resist temptations and who hold their own.

This series is strong teenage / young adult fiction with drama, passion and the stuff that dreams are made of.