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Arielle Immortal Passion - Lilian Roberts

"Arielle Immortal Passion (Immortal Rapture Series)" by Lilian Roberts takes us further into the beautiful romance between Immortal Sebastian and his sweet young love, Arielle.
On a holiday from Brighton they stay in a grand place in St. Jean De Luz, in the south of France. They have their friends with them and enjoy themselves. The descriptions of horse riding and of the countryside will make you want to go on a holiday there yourself. However, evil Annabelle is also there and she tries to spoil things.
This is a very steamy or passionate helping in this strong romance series that flirts with young adult and adult readers alike. The characters are good and pure and make this book a pleasure to read. Secrets are revealed, misunderstandings and problems need to be resolved but overall, this is a love story to touch your heart.