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Arielle Immortal Fury - Lilian Roberts

"Arielle Immortal Fury" by Lilian Roberts is the sixth book in the series and still, the story and the ideas keep going strong. Each book has its own theme and style. By now Arielle has grown even more into her own and gets to know more about the gorgeous Sebastian, who begins to reveal secrets, mysteries and even a bit of a dark side as the series continues.
I am amazed at how Roberts keeps the chemistry and love up so well through so many books without it ever getting old or repetitive. The passion is as strong as it was at the beginning and whatever challenge has been overcome, there seems no end to the tricks up her literary sleeve.
Arielle is a great heroine and her immortal boyfriend Sebatian a fascinating dark horse. The side characters are equally well drawn and if you enjoyed the first five books you will not be disappointed from yet another great paranormal romance.