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The Immortal Rapture Collection - Lilian Roberts

"The Immortal Rapture Series Collection" by Lilian Roberts comprises three beautifully written paranormal romance novels.
16 year old Arielle and two of her friends experiment with psychic powers and mediumship and opening themselves up to the world of spirits.
As the three school friends come back from their summer break they encounter more of that world, some of it through the men they fall for. Sadly not all of this is good.
The characters of Arielle's friends are well chosen as they allow the plot to spread out and to explore the experiences from slightly different angles.
On her vacation in France Arielle herself falls for Sebastian, an immortal, which becomes the main story.
The book incorprates a lot of supernatural / paranormal elements, e.g. witch craft and a place between this world and the next. With its wide ranging themes the book stands out from one trick ponies and books limited to only one idea.
This is a wonderful and accomplished fantasy series with a truly beautiful love story at its heart and great role models for teenage readers.
Few authors write with a sense of innocence and purity such as Roberts. The values of true love and commitment permeat every page and readers sit in awe at the power of love. This is a wonderful modern fairy tale with charm and great values, the stuff that dreams are made of.
Enjoy your own journey into this magical world. As far as paranormal romances go, you won't find much better.