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Enhancement (Black Market DNA Book 1) - Anthony J Melchiorri

"Enhancement (Black Market DNA Book 1)" by Anthony J Melchiorri is a great futuristic medical thriller that touches upon very important issues while delivering fast paced action scene and great suspense.
I found plenty of interesting themes in the story, e.g. criminal abuse of medical technology, body enhancement and their ethical implications. Interesting and relevant topis, wrapped into a very entertaining story.
The narrative has an intimate point of view with the perspective focused on Chris, how he experiences the dreadful time in prison and the subsequent scares and worries. It created a great intensity that kept me edgy throughout, even in scenes with lesser action. Melchiorri's background in science comes in handy as it makes the writing very effortless and feels very competent. At the same time this is not overplayed and never gets into the way of the thriller.
A good story and a promising start to the series.