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Ancient Truth (Line of Blood Saga Book 1) - Jack Goodwind

"Ancient Truth" by Jack Goodwind is a fantasy book as I always wanted to read. So often I have heard about this alternative version of history, of the Pyramids being built by Aliens and similar stories. Yet, I've not found entertaining stories like "Ancient Truth" that play out that scenarios in such a satisfactory way and with such an excellent blend of fantasy, mythology and fiction.
It starts 500,000 BC with an Alien fleet approaching Earth and skips then to Scotland and other locations in 2013. Thriller and fantasy novel in one the book however also touches on deeper notes that reflect on our beliefs and the human race.
Ancient Truth is the first book in the Line of Blood Saga and is a promising start to the series that has still plenty of territory to cover with its millennia spanning story and the wide variety of legends and myths.
Hugely enjoyable and thought provoking.