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MOSAICS (Track Presius #2) - E.E. Giorgi

"MOSAICS" by E.E. Giorgi is the second in her series and the third book by the author I have read in quick succession. Giorgi is a bit of a discovery for me with her well researched and cleverly plotted, competent thrillers.
This story begins with the description of a gruesome murder and continues with the subsequent examination of the crime scene and the body. A terrible crime, scientifically dissected and analysed in such a professional manner that I must assume the author has experience in the field.
Enter the detective Track and his sidekick Satish with their great interesting and unique qualities and you have a fantatsic dramatic set-up, carried forward by characters you enjoy spending time with.
The mosaic in the title refers to mosaic pieces left near dead bodies by the serial killer. The plot is evolved and not just a simple whodunnit. Piece by piece the plot thickens while there are also deeper themes on medical research, a romance sub-plot and some surprising connections.
This is quality entertainment. Highly recommended.