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Duane Dexter's Bigfoot Adventures Part 1 - Simon Oneill

"Duane Dexter's Bigfoot Adventures, Part 1: " by Simon Oneill is a laugh-out-loud fun-read for young adults and young-at-hearts. Silly pranks and intelligent puns fill the pages of this quirky and loveable supernatural/adventure comedy about aliens, bigfoots and teenage heart-throb Duane, a.k.a. Phantom Bigfoot.
Duane keeps the local Sheriff busy with outrageous serial bathroom pranks but he does so not just for mindless fun but to protect the forrest and the many species living therein.
Okill has a knack for writing excellent and unique characters that you instantly care about. Mischievous Duane, the good hearted Sheriff whose patience is tested to its limits and even the other species in the book. All leave you feeling warm and cheerful.
While the author claims this to be mindless fun I must disagree. The wit contained in the pages shows a sharp mind and the underlying theme of a great community spirit that motivates the protagonists made this a lovely and warm feel-good read.
Highly recommended.