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Duane Dexter's Bigfoot Adventures Part 2 - Simon Oneill

"Duane Dexter's Bigfoot Adventures Part 2)" by Simon Oneill is another loveable teenage fun read that will make young and old giggle.
Okill has created this beautifully odd community called Big Beaver, where young Duane goes round as Bigfoot and plays pranks. Not just for fun and to annoy the community but to protect the real bigfoot.
On Duane's back is FBI Agent Vigil, who suspects the identity of the fake bigfoot but needs proof. Then there is the local Sheriff Lou, who we all want to get together with Vigil.
The community with its obscurities and the well thought out silly pranks is enough to keep you entertained but in this instalment an alien punk rock band called Vampettes from Venus step up the game.
This series is a hoot with its unique blend of comedy, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and teenage themes. The mystery of the woods, the council, love for nature and human beings shines through every page. My favourite character is the elderly and slightly deaf neighbour of Duane but Okill paints scenes and his creatures with such an attention for detail and a sense for originality that each book seems to top the next.
A hugely entertaining read.