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Duane Dexter's Bigfoot Adventures Part 3 - Simon Oneill

"“Duane Dexter's Bigfoot Adventures Part 3” by Simon Oneill is yet another fabulous instalment in his original and hilarious Phantom Bigfoot series. While the main characters in Big Beaver and their set up stay pretty much the same and provide an excellent canvas for the often adolescent but very inspired humour, every book shifts shape, gear and focus to make sure the series never gets boring or predictable.
The series is written in a fresh and upbeat style for young adults with excellent sense of humour. This time there are some mildly sexy scenes (teenagers are hormone driven after all) and Okill throws in aliens and a haunted house for starters, showing off his amazing powers of imagination and his gift for creating great stories.
This story is every bit as funny and entertaining as the previous books but is Duane more amorously driven. This is a great series, hugely entertaining and highly addictive for fans of silly pranks.