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Prescription for Disaster: The funny side of falling apart - Candace Lafleur

"Prescription for Disaster by Candace Lafleur Prescription for Disaster: The funny side of falling apart" by Candace Lafleur is indeed a very funny book. Few in that category can handle the serious matter of illness and disease, pain and drama, and still maintain an upbeat tone throughout.
The author clearly has gone through hell and back with her experiences and isn't writing from a place where her troubles have gone. That enduring attitude alone is inspiring but the author has a deeper understanding of human nature and a very forgiving and accepting nature, which makes her anecdotes never an accusation and herself never a victim.
Join her as the most unbelievable accidents and scenarios happen her during her journey from symptoms to diagnosis to treatment. You could almost forget how serious the situation is, although there are great reflections and food for thought in this book that will help you gain perspective.
Lafelur's observations of life in hospitals were particularly enjoyable for me as I recently have been a frequent visitor (of patients) in said establishments and couldn't relate more.
You'll find it difficult to put the book down once you started. Highly recommended.