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High Crimes - David Lawlor

"High Crimes" by David Lawlor is an intelligent and expertly written crime story set in modern day Dublin, Ireland with a link to the past. There are several narratives that quickly form a complex and cleverly plotted web of connections in this well paced and very enjoyable thriller.
There are two villains: a stalker and a child abuser - and their victims.
Lawlor has written some really great characters for this novel who are effortlessly established - much is said with few words. I was drawn into the story immediately with a heartfelt scene at a funeral, a precious moment between an ageing couple and the inner thoughts of the stalker eyeing up his victims, to name a few. Although it took me a while to get the naratives and people connected, the book would not let me go. The themes are powerful ones and there were many emotional moments for me while reading this but the fans of crime fiction will enjoy this as much as those who like a bit of bite and moral to their stories.
Very recommended.