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Fortune Brawling - Hunter S. Jones, Jennifer Theriot, BZ Hercules, LLPix Design, Robin Ludwig

"Fortune Brawling" by Hunter S. Jones and Jennifer Theriot is a very well written and entertaining short novel. The Fortune-series is about musician Dallas Fortune. In this book she gets into trouble (again) when a wild night with friends and groupies gets a little out of hand.
As you'd expect, drink and partying are involved, since this is the the music scene of Nashville Tennessee and features a few more southern states characters.
You can't help but laugh at the 'misfortunes', the banter, the complications and the honky tonk. The book takes a humorous approach and it's difficult not to get involved in the story and the characters as the events unfold.
A great story told with love for music and musicians, lighthearted and fun and some excellent characterisations make this a very enjoyable experience to treasure.
If you're wondering where all the fun has gone - in books or in your life - then read this. Well done to the authors for such a refreshing and entertaining delight.