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Sold - Brad Lee Hayword

"Sold" by Brad Lee Hayword is a great horror novel. Starting with a background story from 1883 the tone is set for a dark tale with murder, cannibalism and witchcraft. Forward to the present, 2013, where unsuspecting Kate and Carl Spradlin find a new home for themselves, simply too good to be true. And it is.
The Old Packer house harbours the ghost of a serial killer who is not just a simple killing machine - there is more to that part of the plot. In fact, nothing is quite straightforward. The woman moving into the house, Kate, she has a past and supernatural abilities, too.
Hayword brings in deeper tones by adding theme of abuse and victimisation, age and youth... And there is great entertainment in some of the side characters, namely Shadow the cat, and – my personal favourite – a memorable Librarian.
Now the battle against evil is on in a classic dark thriller that should please fans of the genre. Well done.