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Entertaining but harsh reviews

Glenn Hates Books Vol. 1: Brutally Honest Book Reviews - Glenn Conley

“Glenn Hates Books Vol. 1: Brutally Honest Book Reviews” by Glenn Conley is a painfully outspoken collection of book reviews, and very refreshing and amusing at that. Full of swearing and insults it might offend a lot of readers but Glenn makes many valid points in his assessment of the books reviewed. I found myself silently agreeing with his comments, even when he trashed a book I really like. Book reviews are a matter of opinion and you cannot fault Glenn for his. Being an author myself I cringed at times when reading his cruel and uncompromising verdicts, but I enjoyed reading them all the same. The author warns you at every step what to expect and he delivers exactly that.
If you can bear the ‘profanities’ then you will enjoy this. After all, there is a balance of good and bad reviews. I applaud Glenn for his honesty and ‘telling it like it is’.
And I would like to know what his own fiction would be like.