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Henchmen - Eric Lahti

“The Henchmen” by Eric Lahti is a hugely enjoyable read. Lahti provides a cast of memorable and entertaining characters that could carry a series without the need for a plot. In the book they form an unlikely team of henchmen that provide excellent action, some fantasy/ supernatural elements and a very good, although somewhat ‘evil’ plot concerning the US Congress. The book is instantly likeable with its dark humour and the best ‘bad guys’ you could possibly read about. I hate to use the phrase in reviews, but I couldn’t put the book down once I had started and I read it in almost one sitting. His characters are watchable, memorable and have a presence, you can imagine them easily with the excellent details attributed to them.

The book is great fun, written in an accessible and enjoyable way in a fast pace that keeps you running along until the very end.  Humour and thrillers don’t often blend well but here they truly do.

Really good!