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The Lei Crime Series: A Snake in Paradise (Kindle Worlds Novella) - Eden Baylee

"The Lei Crime Series: A Snake in Paradise (Kindle Worlds Novella)" by Eden Baylee is a very impressive crime novella set in Hawaii. It starts with a powerful prologue which features a woman waking up tied up. It leaves the reader with a lot of questions and curiosity for the chapters to come.
Then the actual story begins. Recently divorced Lainey Lee arrives in Hawaii, with a pinch of bitterness and reflection and an appetite to enjoy herself.
She has a snake tattoo that was given to her by her best friend in a symbolic gesture of redefining herself and finding herself.I've read about the book on the author's blog before its released and have speculated about the title of a 'snake in paradise' for some time. There were also music lyrics mentioned in her blog post that befit the theme of dealing with a snake. And a snake will be found indeed.
As single woman Lainet soon gets attention from men on the island, some unwanted and some wanted, which kicks of the mystery and suspense part of the story.
Written with great sensitivity the characters are excellently drawn, the dialogues are sharp and poignant and the plot is well thought out.
An engaging, entertaining and stimulating read. Very enjoyable.